Emperor Xiangzong of Western Xia

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Emperor Xiangzong of Western Xia lived from 1170 to 1211, and reigned from 1206 to 1211.

Born Li Anquan, emperor Xiangzong came into power after a coup d'état with his cousin Huanzong's birth mother, Empress Luo against Huanzong. Many historians regarded him as incompetent. Xiangzong attacked the Jin Empire, destroying the years of peace between these two countries. He tried to become an ally of the Mongol Empire, but Genghis Khan regarded Western Xia as a roadblock to China and repeatedly invaded Western Xia. In 1211, Xiangzong's nephew Lǐ Zūnxū initiated a coup d'état against Xiangzong and took power. Xiangzong died a month later.