Emperor Xingzong of Liao

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Emperor of Liao Dynasty
Reign June 25, 1031 – August 28, 1055
Predecessor Shengzong
Successor Daozong
Era dates
Jingfu (景福) 1031–1032
Chongxi(重熙) 1032–1055
Posthumous name
Shensheng Xiaozhang Emperor (神聖孝章皇帝)
Temple name
Born April 3, 1016
Died August 28, 1055 (aged 39–40)

Emperor Xingzong of Liao (Chinese: 辽兴宗; pinyin: Liáo Xīngzōng) (April 3, 1016 – August 28, 1055), born Yelü Zongzhen (Chinese: 耶律宗真), was an emperor of the Liao Dynasty. He reigned from June 25, 1031 to August 28, 1055.

Xingzong was the eldest son of Shengzong, and was made Prince in 1021 when he was six years old. He was crowned emperor when Shenzong died in 1031.

Xingzong's reign was the beginning of the end for the Liao Dynasty. The government was corrupt and the army started to fall apart. He attacked the Western Xia dynasty many times, and waged war upon the Song dynasty. However, the frequent wars were not looked kindly upon by his people, and there were much anger among them for the high taxes. Xingzong was interested in Buddhism and spent lavishly for his own pleasure. He died in 1054.

Emperor Xingzong of Liao
House of Yelü (916–1125)
Born: 1016 Died: 1055
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Emperor Shengzong
Emperor of the Liao Dynasty
Succeeded by
Emperor Daozong