Emperor Xizong of Jin

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Emperor Xizong of Jin
Wanyan Hela.jpg
Emperor of the Jin Dynasty
Reign February 10, 1135 – January 9, 1150
Full name

Wányán Dǎn 完顏亶

Birth name Wányán Hélá 完顏合剌
Era dates
Tiānhuì 天會 1135–1138
Tiānjuàn 天眷 1138–1141
Huángtǒng 皇統 1141–1149
Father Wanyan Zongjun 完顏宗峻(posthumously honored as Emperor Huizong)
Mother Lady Pucha 蒲察氏(posthumously honored as Empress Huizhao)
Born (1119-02-28)February 28, 1119
Died January 9, 1150(1150-01-09) (aged 30)

Emperor Xizong of Jin (February 28, 1119 – January 9, 1150) reigned from February 10, 1135 to January 9, 1150 as an emperor of the Jin Dynasty which controlled northern China from 1115 to 1234. His birth name was Wányán Hélá (完顏合剌). His Han Chinese name was Wányán Dǎn (完顏亶). During his reign, the Jurchens were engaged in a war with the Song Dynasty.

Wanyan Dan was the grandson of the founder of the Jin Dynasty Wanyan Aguda. Although after Aguda's death in 1123 the Jin throne was inherited by Aguda's brother Wuqimai, Aguda's top general Nianhan and chancellor Xiyin convinced Wuqimai to declare young Dan his heir apparent (anban bojilie, 谙班勃极烈) in 1132. Accordingly, Dan inherited the Jin throne after the death of Wuqimai in 1135.[1]

He was murdered by Prince Hailing of Jin and other court officials in a coup d'état on January 9, 1150.[2]

Reign Periods[edit]

  • Tiānhuì 天會 1135–1138
  • Tiānjuàn 天眷 1138–1141
  • Huángtǒng 皇統 1141–1149


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