Emperor Yizong of Western Xia

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Emperor Yizong of Western Xia
Emperor of Western Xia Dynasty
Reign 1048 – January 1068
Successor Huizong
Born 5 March 1047
Died January 1068 (aged 20)
Spouse Empress Mozang
Empress Liang
Full name
Lǐ Liàngzuò 李諒祚
Era dates
Yansiningguo (延嗣寧國):1049
Tianyouchuisheng (天祐垂聖):1050-1052
Fushengchengdao (福聖承道):1053-1056
Duodu (奲都):1057-1062
Gonghua (拱化):1063-1067
Posthumous name
Zhaoying Emperor (昭英皇帝)
Temple name
Father Li Yuanhao 李元昊 (posthumously honored as Emperor Jingzong)
Mother Lady Mozang 沒藏氏 (posthumously honored as Empress Xuanmuhuiwen)

Emperor Yizong of Western Xia (1047–1067) was Emperor of the Western Xia from 1048 to 1067. After his father's death in 1048, Yizong assumed the throne at the age of one, but most of the power laid in the hands of the Dowager. In 1049, the Liao Dynasty attacked Western Xia and forced it to become a vassal state. In 1056, the Dowager was killed and Yizong's uncle became the regent. In 1061, Yizong's uncle and cousin plotted against him, so he had them executed and assumed direct control of Western Xia.

Yizong expanded the central government, adding many offices. He made the armies more efficient and improved his control over faraway states. Yizong began to attack Song Dynasty and raided their villages. He also forced the Turpan leader to surrender. In later years, Yizong began to improve diplomatic relationships with the Song and Liao dynasties. He died suddenly in 1067.

Alternate names

Eras of Emperor Yizong

  • Yánsìníngguó (1048–1049)
  • Tiānyòuchuíshèng (1050–1052)
  • Fúshèngchéngdào (1053–1056)
  • Duǒdū (1057–1062)
  • Gǒnghuà (1063–1067)


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