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The Empire Exhibition Trophy was a football competition held in 1938 in conjunction with the Empire Exhibition, Scotland 1938 in Glasgow. It was held to commemorate the Exhibition, then underway in Bellahouston Park,[1] and the prize was a solid silver model of the Tait Tower.

Four teams from Scotland and four from England contested the straight knock out competition. Brentford took the place of fellow London club Arsenal, who elected to withdraw.[2] Celtic defeated Everton 1–0 in the final, on 10 June 1938, with a goal from Johnny Crum in extra time.[3] The final was watched by a crowd of over 82,000 at Ibrox Park. This tournament, like the Coronation Cup, was held in very high regard at the time as it gave teams the opportunity to test themselves against teams from other leagues in the days before European football.


score at 90 minutes was 0–0



score at 90 minutes was 0–0
  • Scorer - Crum (95')
  • Celtic Team - Kennaway, Hogg, Morrison, Geatons, Lyon, Paterson, Delaney, MacDonald, Crum, Divers, Murphy
  • Everton Team - Sagar, Cook, Greenhalgh, Mercer, TG Jones, Thomson, Geldard, Cunliffe, Lawton, Stevenson, Boyes


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