Empire Landmark Hotel

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Empire Landmark Hotel
Empire Hotel Landmark.jpg
General information
Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Coordinates 49°17′17″N 123°07′51″W / 49.28806°N 123.13083°W / 49.28806; -123.13083Coordinates: 49°17′17″N 123°07′51″W / 49.28806°N 123.13083°W / 49.28806; -123.13083
Opening 1973
Closed September 30, 2017
Technical details
Floor count 42
Design and construction
Architect Lort and Lort
Other information
Number of rooms 357
Number of restaurants 1
Official Site

Empire Landmark Hotel, often still referred to by its original name, the Sheraton Landmark, was the tallest free standing hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It also houses, Cloud 9, one of two of Vancouver's revolving restaurants, the other being the Harbour Centre revolving restaurant. The Building was revolutionary as it has a revolving top/restaurant. It was built by the oldest construction company on the West Coast SBW otherwise known as Smith Brothers and Wilson. The building and its restaurant was closed on September 30, 2017 and the building later to be demolished. The location will be replaced by two shorter residential buildings.[1]

Background Information[edit]

The Landmark is located on one of Vancouver's busiest thoroughfares at 1400 Robson Street, in the West End of Downtown Vancouver. Completed in 1973, it stands 120 metres (393.7 feet) tall with 42 storeys. In Vancouver, it is the tallest building that is completely devoted to a hotel. Currently, the building is owned by Hong Kong based Asia Standard International Group.

Cloud 9[edit]

On the top floors of the hotel, the Empire Landmark is also home to Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is one of two of Vancouver's revolving restaurants. After 44 years it will be closed on September 30, 2017.


The building's demolition, set to begin in March 2018, will be done floor by floor and is scheduled to be complete by February 2019.[2]


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