Empire State (2013 film)

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Empire State
Empire State
DVD cover
Directed by Dito Montiel
Produced by Mark Stewart
Written by Adam Mazer
Starring Liam Hemsworth
Dwayne Johnson
Emma Roberts
Music by David Wittman
Cinematography Dana Gonzales
Grindstone Entertainment Group
Emmett/Furla Films
Cheetah Vision
Voltage Pictures
Distributed by Lionsgate Films
Release date
September 3, 2013
Running time
94 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $11 million[1]
Box office $3.7 million (DVD Sales)[2]

Empire State is a 2013 American crime drama film based on a true story,[3][4] centered on two childhood friends who rob an armored car depository, and the NYPD officer who stands in their way. Directed by Dito Montiel and starring Liam Hemsworth, Dwayne Johnson and Emma Roberts, the film was released straight to DVD and Blu-ray on September 3, 2013.


After failing to get into the local police academy, Chris Potamitis (Hemsworth), settles for a security guard job with the Empire State Armored Truck Company. Chris makes the mistake of mentioning the company's lax security to his best friend Eddie (Angarano), and is soon unwittingly drawn into an elaborate scheme to rob the abundant piles of cash being stored there – resulting in the largest cash heist ($11 million) to that point in U.S. history. As the stakes continue to rise, Chris and Eddie must outwit James Ransone (Johnson), the veteran NYPD Detective who is hot on their trail, as well as the local crime bosses who want to know who pulled a job on their turf to make sure the perpetrators suffer the consequences.



The film was set and filmed in Toronto, Queens, and New Orleans between May 2012 and June 2012.


The soundtrack to Empire State was released on September 3, 2013.[5]

No. Title Artist Length
1. "Opening" David Wittman 0:53
2. "Bathroom" David Wittman 1:27
3. "Family" David Wittman 1:17
4. "Want Ads" David Wittman 0:32
5. "Dog In There" David Wittman 1:05
6. "Dad Got Fired" David Wittman 1:07
7. "OTB" David Wittman 1:08
8. "Kids Clean" David Wittman 0:47
9. "Driving" David Wittman 1:03
10. "Finding Letter" David Wittman 1:30
11. "Broomstick" David Wittman 2:57
12. "TV Boom" David Wittman 0:27
13. "Shootout" David Wittman 6:33
14. "Jimmy Shot" David Wittman 0:35
15. "Eddie Breaks In" David Wittman 1:12
16. "After the Heist" David Wittman 0:30
17. "Interrogating Chris" David Wittman 1:20
18. "Go For a Walk" David Wittman 2:25
19. "Eddie Plots" David Wittman 2:07
20. "Interrogating Chris II" David Wittman 1:53
21. "Interrogating Eddie" David Wittman 1:35
22. "Need Some Money" David Wittman 1:45
23. "End Theme" David Wittman 0:49
Total length: 34:57[6]


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