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Employee monitoring software is a means of employee monitoring, and allows company administrators to monitor and supervise all their employee computers from a central location.[1] It is normally deployed over a business network and allows for easy centralized log viewing via one central networked PC. Sometimes, companies opt to monitor their employees using remote desktop software instead.[2]


Employee monitoring software is used to supervise employees' performance, prevent illegal activities, avoid confidential info leakage, and catch insider threats. Nowadays employee monitoring software is widely used in technology companies.[3]


An employee monitoring program can monitor almost everything on a computer, such as keystrokes and passwords inputted, websites visited, chats in Facebook Messenger, Skype and other social chats. A piece of monitoring software can also capture screenshots of mobile activities. E-mail monitoring includes employers having access to records of employee’s e-mails that are sent through the company’s servers.[4] Companies may use keyword searches to natural language processing to analyze e-mails.[4] The administrator can view the logs through a cloud panel, or receive the logs by email.[5]

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