Empress Li (Taizong)

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Empress Li
Born 960
Changzhi, Shanxi
Died 1004 (aged 43–44)
Kaifeng, Henan
Burial Gongyi, Henan
Spouse Emperor Taizong of Song
Full name
Family name: Lǐ ()
Posthumous name
Empress Míngdé (皇后)
Father Li Chuyun (李處耘)
Mother Lady Chen (陳氏)

Empress Li (960–1004) was an empress consort of ancient China's Northern Song Dynasty, married to Emperor Taizong. After his death, she was the empress dowager for her stepson Emperor Zhenzong.[1]


The second daughter of Song general Li Chuyun, it was arranged that she marry Zhao Guangyi by Zhao Guangyi's elder brother Emperor Taizu of Song. After Emperor Taizu's death in 976, Zhao Guangyi became Emperor Taizong, and Lady Li officially became his imperial consort in 978. She was named the empress in 984.[1]

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Chinese royalty
Preceded by
Empress Song
Empress of China
Succeeded by
Empress Guo (Zhenzong)