Empress Wang (Taizu)

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Empress Wang
Empress Xiaoming of Song
empress consort of the Song Dynasty
Successor Empress Song
Emperor Zhao Kuangyin (Emperor Taizu)
Born 942
Bin County, Shaanxi, China
Died 963 (aged 20–21)
Kaifeng, Henan, China
Burial Gongyi, Henan, China
Spouse Emperor Taizu of Song
Full name
Surname: Wáng ()
Given name: unknown
Posthumous name
Empress Xiàomíng (皇后)
Father Wang Rao (王饒)

Empress Wang (王皇后, given name unknown) (942–963) was a Chinese Empress consort of the Song Dynasty, married to Emperor Taizu of Song.[1]

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Chinese royalty
Preceded by
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period
Preceding Empress of united China: Empress He (Tang dynasty)
Empress of China
Succeeded by
Empress Song