Empress Zhang (Later Zhao)

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Empress Zhang (張皇后, personal name unknown) (died 349) was briefly an empress of the Chinese/Jie state Later Zhao. She was Shi Zun's wife and the last empress in Later Zhao history. After Shi Zun, a son of the emperor Shi Hu, took over the throne in 349 after overthrowing his younger brother Shi Shi, he made her empress. He reigned for only 183 days before he was overthrown in a coup by his brother Shi Jian and his adoptive nephew Shi Min. Soon thereafter, both Empress Zhang and her husband were executed by Shi Min.

Chinese royalty
Preceded by
Empress Liu
Empress of Later Zhao
Succeeded by
None (dynasty destroyed)
Empress of China (Northern/Central)
Succeeded by
Empress Dong of Ran Wei
Empress of China (Western)
Succeeded by
Empress Qiang of Former Qin