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This article is about the John Cage book. For other uses, see Empty Words (disambiguation).
First edition

Empty Words: Writings ’73–’78 is a book by American avant-garde composer John Cage (1912–1992), first published in 1979 by Wesleyan University Press. The book contains the following works:

  • "Foreword" (1978)
  • "Preface to Lecture on the Weather" (1979)
  • "How the Piano Came to be Prepared" (1973)
  • "Empty Words" (1974–5)
  • "Where Are We Eating? and What Are We Eating? (38 Variations on a Theme by Alison Knowles)" (1975)
  • "Series re Morris Graves" (1974)
  • "Sixty-One Mesostics Re and Not Re Norman O. Brown" (1979)
  • "Writing for the Second Time through Finnegans Wake" (1978)
  • "The Future of Music" (1974)

Also included are the following mesostics:

  • "Many Happy Returns" (1979)
  • "A Long Letter" (1977)
  • "Song" (1979)
  • "For S. Fort, Dancer" (1979)
  • "For William Mc N. Who studied with Ezra Pound" (1979)
  • "Wright's Oberlin House Restored by E. Johnson" (1979)
  • "'I'm the happiest person I know' (S.W.)" (1975)

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