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PublisherMarvel Comics
Publication dateApril 2020
Main character(s)Avengers
Fantastic Four

"Empyre" is a 2020 comic book storyline published by Marvel Comics. This storyline follows the events of "Incoming!"


The premise will have the Avengers and the Fantastic Four coming together to prepare for an upcoming alien invasion.[1]



Teddy Altman is made a mysterious offer at the cost of leaving Billy Kaplan. He accepts the offer which was to become the new ruler of the Kree-Skrull Alliance, adopting the mantle of "Dorrek VIII," and beginning the preparations of invading the Earth for "the final war."[2]

The Warners are a seemingly-average family living in Stamford, Connecticut who are actually Skrulls in disguise. General G'iah under the alias of "Gloria Warner" sends an encrypted message to the Skrull High Command about the progress of Project Blossom. Her mate Colonel Klrr uses the alias of "Carl Warner" and they have three daughters named Alice, Ivy, and Madison. They suffered a setback when they lost Ivy and Klrr was killed when the family was betrayed by their handler. Before his death, Carl discovered that Ivy was still alive and her blood is being used to create the technology used to identify and destroy the Skrulls. They were able to terminate Moloth. With Ivy rescued, they returned to their mission and started by going after those that tried to destroy them. As G'iah and her daughters enter a lab, they find a sample that started the Kree-Skrull War. G'iah recaps to his daughters how the Skrulls used to be peaceful during the reign of Emperor Dorrek I who conquered planets through trade. Everything worked well until he arrived on Hala back when the Kree were just brutes and the Cotati lived there. The Kree and the Cotati were given gifts where whoever created the most with their gifts would become the ruler of Hala. While the Kree built a monument to Skrull technology on Earth's moon, the Cotati grew a garden. This caused Morag to massacre the Cotati and the Skrulls with Dorekk I turning the Kree from peaceful to the greatest fighting force ever known. The Kree-Skrull War raged all the way to Earth. After the story, G'iah reveals that the sample the Kree have is a peace of the Cotati as they planned to make sure the Cotati go extinct. At a motel, G'iah and Madison work on decrypting the recent sub-space transmission. Ivy and Alice talked about how the Kree couldn't obtain peace as well as a prophecy of a Celestial Messiah. A group of Kree called the Priests of Prama found the Cotati that did not get wiped out by Morag and planted them on different planets including Earth. The Cotati on Earth lived undiscovered until the day they encountered Mantis. She and Swordsman bonded with a Cotati which led to the birth of Sequoia. Thanos sent his warriors to look for them causing the Avengers to intervene. Sequoia was last mentioned to have been in an area of outer space called the Rot undoing the damages caused by Thanos. As Madison finds something, their motel is blown up by an unnamed Kree operative. Thanks to her shapeshifting being perfected, Ivy turned into an indestructible creature and preserved her family inside her until she got to safety. While driving, G'iah resumes listening to Madison's discovery that there is a transmission to the Kree by Hulkling. They learn that Hulkling is the result of a union between the Kree Mar-Vell and the Skrull Princess Anelle who fell in love after Kl'rt captured him and delivered him to Emperor Dorrek VII. Anelle had a handmaiden spirit him to Earth where she continued to raise Hulkling who would later help form the Young Avengers and fall in love with Wiccan. Arriving at the building, the Warners find the Kree who blew up their motel room. G'iah mentioned who General Bel-Dann represented the Kree and Warlord Raksor represented the Skrulls when it came to watching the trial of the Phoenix Force. The two of them fought until Uatu the Watcher broke it up. An agreement between Empress R'Klll and the Supreme Intelligence allowed the victor of the battle to be the victor of their race. Uatu, the Fantastic Four, and the Inhumans did a trick to get them to work together where the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans attacked them. G'iah raids the building to find a Kree family as her daughters intervene. The patriarch of the Kree family that blew up their motel room suddenly receives a message on his Kree-tech cellphone by Dorrek VIII stating to all Kree and Skrull soldiers in the field that the Kree and Skrull armadas have united to face a common enemy. They are coming to Earth to destroy them as he speaks. G'iah and her daughters find in the holographic transmission that Hulking is Dorrek VIII.[3]

Issues involved[edit]



  • Empyre #1–6 (April 2020–)[6]



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