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Ems-Oriental (Dutch: Ooster-Eems; German: Ost-Ems) was a department of the First French Empire in present-day Germany. It was named after the river Ems. It was formed in 1810, when the Kingdom of Holland was annexed by France. Its territory is part of the present-day German region of East Frisia in Lower Saxony. Its capital was Aurich. The department was subdivided into the following arrondissements and cantons (situation in 1812):[1]

Its population in 1812 was 128,200.[1]

After Napoleon was defeated in 1814, the department became part of the Kingdom of Hanover.


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Coordinates: 53°28′00″N 7°29′00″E / 53.4667°N 7.48333°E / 53.4667; 7.48333