Red-faced turtle

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Red-faced turtle
Emydura australis lateral.gif
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Sauropsida
Order: Testudines
Suborder: Pleurodira
Family: Chelidae
Subfamily: Chelodininae
Genus: Emydura
Species: E. victoriae
Binomial name
Emydura victoriae
(Gray, 1842)[1]

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The red-faced turtle, (Emydura victoriae Gray, 1842) is a medium-sized aquatic turtle inhabiting rivers, streams and permanent water bodies across much of northern Australia.


Ventral view of the holotype of Emydura australis, Natural History Museum

This species has a disrupted nomenclatural history. For many years it appeared in the literature as Emydura australis (Gray 1841:445)[5] however in 1983 this name was synonymised with Emydura macquarii, incorrectly according to Iverson et al. 2001.[6] Since this time the species has been known as Emydura victoriae this name too has nomenclatural issues[6] and it is possible the names may eventually be reversed again.


  • Hydraspis australis Gray 1841:445 nomen dubium
  • Hydraspis victoriae Gray 1842:55
  • Chelymys australis Gray 1871:336
  • Chelymys victoriae Gray 1872:21
  • Emydura australis Boulenger 1889:ix[7]
  • Emydura victoriae Worrell 1964:17
  • Tropicochelymys victoriae Wells & Wellington, 1985:9
  • Emydura victoria Cann, 1997:28 (ex errore)


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