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EnQuest plc
Public limited company
Traded asLSEENQ, Nasdaq StockholmENQ
IndustryOil and gas industry
Founded6 April 2010
HeadquartersLondon, England
Key people
ProductsPetroleum exploration and production
Revenue$798 million (2016)[1]
$345.1 million (2016)[1]
$185.2 million (2016)[1]

EnQuest plc is an independent United Kingdom-based petroleum exploration and production company which operates mainly in the United Kingdom Continental Shelf. EnQuest shares are included on the main list of the London Stock Exchange and the firm holds a secondary listing on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm.


The company was formed in April 2010 by a combination of the demerged British North Sea assets of Petrofac and Lundin Petroleum.[2]


The firm has interests in six oil fields located in the Northern North Sea,[3] two of which (the West Don and Don Southwest fields) previously formed the Petrofac Energy Developments business unit and have a combined production of 40,000 barrels per day (6,400 m3/d).[4] The other four (Broom, Heather, Thistle and Deveron) were part-owned by Lundin Petroleum prior to the creation of EnQuest and are capable of producing 24,000 barrels per day (3,800 m3/d).[4] EnQuest is the operator of each field; its financial interests are as follows:[5] In November, 2013, EnQuest were granted permission to develop the Kraken field which has an estimated 140 million barrels of oil.[6]

Field Working interest
Broom 63%
Don Southwest 60%
Heather 100%
Thistle and Deveron 99%
West Don 44.95%
Magnus 100%


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