En Nombre Del Amor

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En Nombre Del Amor
Telenovela poster
Created by Carmen Peña
Starring Victoria Ruffo
Allison Lozz
Leticia Calderón
Arturo Peniche
Laura Flores
Opening theme En Cambio No by Laura Pausini
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 170 [1]
Producer(s) Carlos Moreno Laguillo
Running time 39-43 minutes
Original channel Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format NTSC
Original release October 13, 2008 (2008-10-13) – June 12, 2009 (2009-06-12)
Preceded by Querida Enemiga
Followed by Mi pecado
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En Nombre Del Amor (In the Name of Love) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Televisa. It is a remake of Cadenas de Amargura (Chains of Bitterness) (1991).[2] En Nombre Del Amor was produced by Carlos Moreno, and filming began on August 4, 2008.[2] It premiered in the United States July 7, 2009 on Univision and ended its run on March 7, 2010 in a two-hour grand finale on a Sunday.

Starring by Allison Lozz and Sebastián Zurita, as co-protagonist Victoria Ruffo and Arturo Peniche with Leticia Calderón as the villain protagonist and main villain, co-starring by Laura Flores, Alfredo Adame, Víctor Cámara, With the participation of Altair Jarabo as young antagonist and With the special participation of Luis Hacha.


The action takes place in Real del Monte, Mexico. Young Paloma (Allison Lozz) lives with her 2 aunts, Macarena (Victoria Ruffo) and Carlota (Leticia Calderon) and with her nanny, Rufina (Magda Guzman). Paloma's presumed parents, Sagrario (Bibi Gaytan) and Javier (Eduardo Capetillo), Macarena and Carlota's brother, died in a car accident. Carlota is evil and full of hatred because when they were young, both Macarena and she fell in love with Cristobal (Arturo Peniche), now a priest. It is revealed that Macarena is in fact Paloma's mother.

Paloma's best friend is Romina (Altair Jarabo), the daughter of Camila (Laura Flores). Paloma is about to marry Inaki (Luis Hacha) but Carlota poisons him and he dies. Later, both Paloma and Romina fall in love with Emiliano (Sebastian Zurita). Emiliano and Paloma start dating. Romina has an affair with German (Ferdinando Valencia), gets pregnant and tricks Emiliano into marrying her by telling him it is his child. Camila has an affair with Rafael Saenz (Alfredo Adame), Emiliano's presumed father, then gets married to Orlando (Victor Camara), Emiliano's real father.

Carlota also kills Arcadia, Alonso, Inaki's father, and attempts to kill doctor Rodolfo Bermudez (David Ostrosky) who was in love with Macarena. Soon, Carlota eavesdrops on a conversation between Macarena and Cristobal on the phone and learns that they plan to marry, but Carlota kills Macarena by pushing her through a glass window on the second floor inside their house. She dies with Paloma and Cristobal by her side. Paloma starts dating painter Gabriel Lizarde (Erick Elias), Eugenio's (Cesar Evora) son; Gabriel suffers from a terminal disease. Camila divorces Orlando and Rafael breaks up with Luz, a woman that he dated.

Carlota makes Eugenio fall in love with her. She also tries to kill Paloma in the same way she killed Macarena but, as priest Cristobal, Eugenio and Rufina arrive at her house, it is she herself that falls down the stairs. Romina doesn't love her baby and wants to go away from Real del Monte but she has a car accident. German is arrested. She survives and later begins to love her child. In prison, German confesses Romina that he loves her. Before Paloma's wedding, Paloma and Romina reconcile.

In the series finale, Paloma is about to marry Gabriel but he tells her in church that her real love is Emiliano. Paloma and Emiliano get married. Carlota arrives at the church, pulls the gun out and want to shoot Paloma but Gabriel goes in front of her, is shot and killed. Carlota falls down the church tower. She ends up paralyzed, in prison. In the final scene of the novela, Paloma and Emiliano reenact the first time they became boyfriend and girlfriend by the fountain in Real del Monte and then they kiss.


Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominee Result
2009 Premios People en Español Best rehash Carlos Moreno Laguillo Won
Best Actress Victoria Ruffo Nominated
Best Actor Arturo Peniche Nominated
Best Villain Leticia Calderón Won
Altair Jarabo Nominated
Best Young Actor Allison Lozz Won
Sebastián Zurita Nominated
Best Couples Allison Lozz and Sebastián Zurita Won
2010 Premios ACE[3] Best telenovela Carlos Moreno Laguillo Won
Best Director Karina Duprez Won
Best Best Actress Leticia Calderón Won
Best male co-action Arturo Peniche Won
Premios TVyNovelas[4] Best Actor Arturo Peniche Nominated[4]
Best actress antagonistic Leticia Calderón Won[4]
Altair Jarabo Nominated[4]
Best Male Newcomer Sebastián Zurita Won[4]
Best Story or adaptation Martha Carrillo
Cristina García


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