En Patufet

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En Patufet
En Patufet.jpg
Cover of the first issue of En Patufet
Frequency Weekly
Year founded 1904
Final issue 1938
Country Spain
Based in Barcelona
Language Catalan

En Patufet was an illustrated children's magazine, written in Catalan, published in Barcelona (Catalonia), between 1904 and 1938. Later, between 1968 and 1973, it was resumed under the name Patufet. It had a great popularity, to the point that the word patufet was used generically to refer to the illustrated magazines for children, now called comics. It was the Catalan weekly magazine with the most circulation (65,000) and readers weekly (325,000).[1]

The figure of Patufet on the magazine was first drawn by Antoni Muntanyola.[2]

Writers and Illustrators[edit]

Some of the writers and illustrators that worked with En Patufet:

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