En Purushanthaan Enakku Mattumthaan

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En Purushanthaan Enakku Mattumthaan
En Purushanthaan Enakku Mattumthaan.jpg
Directed byManobala
Written byP. Kalaimani
Produced byV. N. J. Manivannan
CinematographyB. R. Vijayalakshmi
Edited byM. N. Raja
Music byIlaiyaraaja
Manthralaya Cine Creations
Release date
  • 3 February 1989 (1989-02-03)
Running time
135 minutes

En Purushanthaan Enakku Mattumthaan (transl. My husband is only mine) is a 1989 Tamil language drama film, directed by Manobala and produced by V. N. J. Manivannan. The film stars Vijayakanth, Suhasini and Rekha. The film had musical score by Ilaiyaraaja.[1] The film was remade in Hindi as Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai, Manobala also directed the Hindi version. It was also remade in Telugu as Naa Mogudu Naake Sontham and in Kannada as Hatamari Hennu Kiladi Gandu.


Vatsala (Rekha) lives a wealthy lifestyle with her husband, Marudhu (Vijayakanth), who works for her dad (V. K. Ramasamy) and a daughter named Sharda. Vatsala and Marudhu do not get along and Vatsala suspects that Marudhu is having an affair. Her suspicious nature gets a boost when a woman named Saradha (Suhasini) as Vatsala moves into a house next door. Vatsala starts vile rumors about Saradha having an affair with Marudhu. As a result of these rumors, no one is willing to marry Saradha, she is mocked by everyone in the community and even loses her bank job. Saradha decides to teach Vatsala a lesson by moving her belongings into her house, claiming that she is indeed Marudhu's mistress. The surprising thing is Marudhu agrees to this arrangement and permits her to live with them. Unable to assert herself, Vatsala leaves the house and goes to live with her parents.

Things are going well with Saradha, until one day when daughter goes missing. Sharda hectically attempts to locate Pinky but in vain. Then the police arrive to arrest Saradha on the charge of kidnapping Pinky and possibly killing her. The police indicate that they can prove that Saradha did indeed kidnap Pinky as she has a motive for continuing to live with Prakash as his mistress and wanted Pinky out of the way. It was Vatsala's plan to insult Sharda further by giving away her daughter to Nassar who wants to take revenge on Saradha as he lost his bank job because of her. Marudhu saves his daughter and gets Nassar arrested.

When Vatsala visits the temple and is completely shock to see the wedding arrangements between Marudhu and Saradha. She realises the error of her ways and apologizes for her behaviour. Marudhu who is happy with the plan reveals that the marriage is for the temple deity not their marriage. Marudhu and Vatsala gets united while Saradha leaves for another town.



The music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja.[2]

No. Song Singers Lyrics Length (m:ss)
1 "Pullai Kooda Paada" Jayachandran Piraisoodan 04:34
2 "Pattu Pudai" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam Ilaiyaraaja 01:19
3 "Manathil Ore Oru" Susheela M. Metha 04:10
4 "Paarthavudan" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam Muthulingam 00:38
5 "Kaathu Kaathu Ootha Kaathum" Mano, Lalitha Sagari M. Metha 04:32
6 "Poomudithu" Jayachandran, Sunandha Vaali 04:35
7 "Saamikaley Saamikaley" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam Muthulingam 04:35


The Indian Express wrote "the film proceeds to interchange climax through contrived poignant sequences and with turns and bashups and some honeyed numbers tuned by Ilayaraja who seems to have taken special care".[3]


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