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En Tus Manos is a short narrative film by Toy Gun Films[1] released to DVD on January 1, 2010.[2] Written by Oscar Torres (Voces inocentes), directed by Ron Jacobs, and produced by Oscar Torres, Brent Ryan Green [3][4] and Jeff Goldberg,[5] who are co-presidents of Toy Gun Films, and also featuring Thomas Marvel[6] as the cinematographer, the film was inspired by a collection of true stories surrounding the issue of violence directed at religious leaders throughout Colombia.

En Tus Manos focuses on the story of a young man struggling with an abusive father while growing up in a violent section of Bogotá, Colombia, where the film was shot entirely. The short film has been screened in over twenty International Film Festivals and won eight film festival awards. In 2011, En Tus Manos was signed on with Hulu [7] and since then has been streaming worldwide. Additionally, En Tus Manos has been screened around the world more than 3 million times through its distribution partner, OneHope.[8]

En Tus Manos
Theatrical Poster
Directed byRon Jacobs
Produced byBrent Ryan Green
Jeff Goldberg
Oscar Torres
Written byOscar Torres
StarringSanitago Diaz
Paulina Gaitán
Alejandro Aguilar
Hernan Lopez
CinematographyThomas Marvel
Edited byLuis Carballer
Distributed byToy Gun FilmsUnited States
Release date
January 1, 2010 (2010-01-01)
Running time
27 min.


Carlos, played by Santiago Diaz,[9] is a young man who lives in a violent neighborhood of Bogotá where many of the local pastors are being shot and killed. The neighborhood is becoming more fearful of the notoriously vicious local gang who is killing the pastors. At home, Carlos faces constant family abuse, but finds his escape in the love of his youth, Zuvely, played by Paulina Gaitán (Sin Nombre and Voces inocentes). However, in an attempt to defend himself from the hostility that has engulfed his home life, Carlos decides to join the gang. As a part of his initiation into the gang, Carlos is ordered to murder the local pastor considered to be a threat to their reign over their neighborhood. This cold-blooded task pushed Carlos into the depths of despair as he searches for the courage to finally take his destiny into his own hands.


  • Carlos – Sanitago Diaz
  • Zuvely – Paulina Gaitán
  • Rico – Alejandro Aguilar
  • Pastor Gustavo- Hernan Lopez
  • Friend of Rico 1 – Andres Torres
  • Friend of Rico2 – Jefferson Paez
  • Cuco – Juan Carlos Zarate
  • Carlos’s father – Daniel Rincon


En Tus Manos has been officially selected into:

  • Beverly Hills Film Festival 2010[10]- Won Best Short Film and Best Male Actor [11]
  • Los Angeles International Film Festival [12] Won Best Short Film, Best Directing, Best Male Supporting Actor, Best Female Actor
  • Spirit Quest Film Festival [13] - Won Best Short Film [14]
  • San Diego Christian Film Festival- Won Best International Short Film [15]
  • Newport Beach Film Festival 2010
  • Rincon International Film Festival 2010
  • Cartagena International Film Festival – World Premiere
  • deadCENTER Film Festival
  • San Antonio Film Festival
  • Film Series at the Cine Gear Expo
  • Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival
  • HBO New York Latino International Film Festival
  • Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
  • New Filmmakers LA
  • Bumbershoot Film Festival Seattle
  • Phoenix International Christian Film Festival
  • Artivist Film Festival & Awards
  • New York City International Film Festival


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