En Uyir Kannamma

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En Uyir Kannamma
En Uyir Kannamma.jpg
Directed bySivachandran
Screenplay bySivachandran
Aaroor Dass (dialogue)
Story bySivachandran
Produced byS. K. Shankaralingam
CinematographyDinesh Baboo
Edited byB. LeninV. T. Vijayan
Music byIlaiyaraaja
S.K.S. Film Creations
Release date
  • 15 January 1988 (1988-01-15)

En Uyir Kannamma (transl. Kannamma, my life) is a 1988 Indian Tamil-language film directed by Sivachandran in his debut. The film stars Prabhu, Radha, Lakshmi and S. S. Chandran. It was released on 15 January 1988.


Shanmugasundaram, a lorry cleaner is in love with Kannamma; however unknown to him he had slept with a woman Ammu during a rainy night because he was drunk at that time. Ammu, who turns out to be pregnant, her chastity has been questioned by the village. She dies while giving birth to a girl child. Kannamma hates Shanmuga for committing this mistake. Shanmugam decides to walk on fire to prove his purity. Nallamuthu, Kannamma's fiancé misbehaves with her and she saves Shanmugam from dying of a plan orchestrated by lorry driver Madhavan who was in love with Kannamma wanted to avenge Shanmugam but turns out that both Madhavan and Nallamuthu plotted together to get them united.



En Uyir Kannamma marked the directorial debut of actor Sivachandran.[2][3]


The music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja, with lyrics by Vaali.[4][5]

Song Singers Length
"Salangai Satham" Malaysia Vasudevan, K. S. Chithra 01:23
"Naan Thedum" Malaysia Vasudevan 04:23
"Naadodi Paattukkal" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam 03:48
"Mathalam Kotta" Malaysia Vasudevan, K. S. Chithra 04:35
"Yaarai Keattu" K. S. Chithra 04:30
"Poombaaraiyil" Ilaiyaraaja 04:42


En Uyir Kannamma was released on 15 January 1988.[6] N. Krishnaswamy of The Indian Express wrote "Sivachandran [..] turns director En Uyir Kannamma. His story for his own film builds up the dramatic tensions and conflicts gradually, and even in conceiving and staging the action he manages to lend a great deal of realism to some scenes".[7] Jayamanmadhan of Kalki appreciated Lakshmi's Malayalam-accented Tamil dialogue delivery, the cinematography and the climax.[8]


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