En Veedu En Kanavar

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En Veedu En Kanavar
Directed by Senbaga Raman
Produced by M. S. Gopinath
Written by Senbaga Raman
Starring Suresh
Music by B. Surendar
Cinematography M. Kesavan
Edited by V. Rajagopal
Preethi Indhar Combines
Distributed by Preethi Indhar Combines
Release date
13 April 1990
Country India
Language Tamil

En Veedu En Kanavar (My house, my husband) is a 1990 Tamil romantic film directed by Senbaga Raman. The film starred Suresh and Nadhiya in the lead roles, while Rajiv and Manorama appeared in other pivotal role. The film released in 1990 to below average collections and reviews.[1]



The film's production as well as censoring completed in 1988 and its initial title was Manaiviyae Kaathali, but was released only in 1990.[2] Ajith Kumar plays a schoolboy in the song "En Kanmani", and thus it became his first appearance onscreen.[3]