Enar Josefsson

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Enar Josefsson
Enar Josefsson SOK.jpg
Personal information
Born 6 September 1916
Åsele, Sweden
Died 18 December 1989 (aged 73)
Stockholm, Sweden
Sport Cross-country skiing
Club Åsele NS (1945–49)
Skellefteå SK (1950–54)
Östersund SK (1955–57)

Enar "Âseleexpressen" Josefsson (6 September 1916 in Åsele, Swedish Lapland – 18 December 1989) was a Swedish cross-country skier who won a bronze medal in the 4×10 km relay at the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo. He won three more medals at the 1950 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships with a gold in the 4×10 km relay and silvers in the 18 km and 50 km events.[1][2]

Josefsson was born in a family of seven siblings, and started working as a forester in his teens to support the family. During his career he won 87 races and was second in 48. He won only one individual national title, in 1952 in the 30 km.[1]


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