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Enarotali is located in West Papua (province)
Location of Enarotali in Papua
Coordinates: 3°55′47″S 136°22′40″E / 3.92972°S 136.37778°E / -3.92972; 136.37778
Country  Indonesia
Province Papua
Regency Paniai Regency
Climate Cfb

Enarotali is a city in Indonesia located in the Papua province.


It is located in the Highlands, on the shore of Lake Paniai. Its altitude is about 1750 m, located near a fertile mountain plain surrounding the lake and it is surrounded by hills and mountains. It is served by the Enarotali Airport. It is the capital of Paniai Regency, Papua province. The city is at present developing towards Mahdi, located 12 km to the east.


Enarotali is considered to be the only colonial city built in the interior of New Guinea by the Dutch.


The population of the Paniai Regency was 149,093 in 2010, however most of them didn't live in the provincial capital, but in the countryside. The main tribes are Mee, Moni, Wolani and Dani. The former three tribes speak the Paniai Lakes languages, which is a language family named after the lakes. They depend on agriculture, including the cultivation of sweet potato and breeding livestock.

Coordinates: 3°55′47″S 136°22′40″E / 3.92972°S 136.37778°E / -3.92972; 136.37778