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Title card of the 2016 series
Original work Encantadia (2005)
Films and television
Television series
Video games Encantadia Blast (2016)

Encantadia is a Filipino fantasy franchise produced and published by GMA Network. It has currently consists of four television series that ran from 2005 to present and a single film.[1] The first was shown in 2005 carrying the title alone and ended on the same year with total of 160 episodes. The second series title Etheria premiered on the same year and ended on 2006 with 50 episodes. Due to its significant success, the third series title Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas premiered in 2006 consisting of 48 episodes. In 2016, 11 years after the original run, a reboot of the series premiered on the same network featuring new casts.[1] In 2005, Encantadia had a crossover film with Mulawin entitled Mulawin: The Movie, which was produced by GMA Films as an entry to the 2005 Metro Manila Film Festival [2]

Production and development[edit]

Encantadia is a term coined from the Filipino words "enkanto", "enkanta", "enkantada", or "enkantado" (which was in turn derived from the Spanish term encant(ad){o/a}) which means enchanted beings endowed with supernatural powers.[3] The series was created by GMA Network, the same network that produced the fantasy-themed series Mulawin and Darna. It was directed by Mark Reyes and Gil Tejada, Jr., and written by Suzette Doctolero.[4][5] Originally, the series was intended as GMA Films' entry to the 2004 Metro Manila Film Festival but they later decided to make Encantadia a daily fantasy soap opera due to its huge production and budget. Encantadia was Doctolero's first head writing project with the network in 2005, and also served as her training for writing a fantasy story for the first time.[6] According to her, it was inspired by the story of Maria Makiling, a diwata (fairy) in Philippine folklore, in four different persona.[6] It was also inspired by different stories around the world combined into one.[6] The first three installment were consecutively shown from 2005 to 2006.[7][8] In 2010, a second saga or fourth installment was scheduled to be produced by GMA Network, but it was not push through until Atty Gozon, CEO of GMA Network pushed it back for 2012, but was scrapped.[9] In 2015,the director, producer and the writer were given a go signal by the network to make the new Encantadia.[10] On January 2016, it was announced that the fourth installment will be a reboot (often called as requel or retelling-sequel) of the old series.[11]


According to Mark Reyes, the sets of Encantadia in 2005 are located in various places in the Philippines. The Kingdom of Adamya is located at Calatagan, Batangas. The cave set of Hathorian Kingdom is located at the Kalinawan Cave in Tanay, Rizal. Lireo's forest is located at Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls in Rizal. A 1,900 square meter warehouse in Pasig City served as an indoor set with an improvised pond. The said warehouse was also a setting change for Lireo, Sapiro, Hera Andal, Hera Sensa and others. The Kingdom of Sapiro set is located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros (Old Manila) in the heart of Manila. In its second and third installment, the series used the same locations.

In 2016, a 3000 square meter warehouse in Pangasinan was converted to a set for the Lireo Kingdom and its forest. The fallen Sapiro Kingdom and the Island of Cassiopeia were shot in Fortune Island in Batangas. Another warehouse set was converted as the Kingdom of Hathoria, while the mortal world were shot in various locations around Manila.


Encantadia is an enchanted place in a different realm. All of the characters existing in this world are called Encantados. It was discovered and created thousand years ago by three supernatural beings, Arde, Emre and Ether who were referred to as bathala(Gods on the present times.[12] The world they created was settled upon by low-class working individuals called "barbaro". Because of this, the three Bathala created four classes of individuals: the diwata's (fairies of Lireo Kingdom; mystical creatures of the Adamya Kingdom; the healers called sapiryans of the Sapiro Kingdom and the blacksmiths of the Hathoria Kingdom.[13] The four kingdoms promised allegiance and worship to Emre, which caused Arde and Ether's jealousy and hatred, resulting to a plan to assasinate him.[12][14] Emre discovered this plan and cursed both of them: Arde to become a dragon who was sent to guard valaak(hell) and Ether to turn into snake to forever remind her of being a traitor.[14] With this, the encantados are divided between the Gods resulting to factions.[14] Some encantados followed Ether and established the fifth Kingdom of Encantadia called, Etheria, which had later fallen due to the greed of their Queen Avria to conquer the whole Encantadia causing the rest to unite against their Kingdom.[14]

The Kingdoms[edit]

  • Sapiro - A kingdom in the north of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of earth.[15]
  • Hathoria - A kingdom in the west of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of fire.[13][16]
  • Lireo - A kingdom in the east of Encantadia and is home to the royal blood diwatas; protector of the gemstone of air.[17]
  • Etheria - A fallen Kingdom at the center of Encantadia; home of the greedy Etherians.[14]


  • Adamya - A territory in the south of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of water. A former Kingdom on the 2005 series.[18]
  • Askano - A territory in the nothernmost part of Sapiro; home of the barbaros.[19]
  • Ardantao/Adjantao -A territory between Lireo and Sapiro; home of individuals called mandirigma(scavengers/warriors) who do not recognize the Queen of Lireo.[20]
  • Avila - A territory between Hathoria and Sapiro; home of the winged creatures called Mulawin.[21]
  • Carcero - A sub-territory in the northernmost part of Lireo, bounded by Ardantao and Askano in the west. It serves as prison to lock-up Lireans who committed crimes. Guarded around by the bakunawa's (sea serpents).[22]

The Gems[edit]

The world of Encantadia is being powered and guarded by a powerful gem referred as Inang Brilyante (mother gem) protected by Cassiopeia, the first Queen of Lireo.[23] The gem has powerful characteristics and abilities, and is considered as the most powerful weapon of Encantadia.[24] Witn this, it is being sought by greedy encantados driving Cassiopiea to break it into four elemental gems that hold balance to the realm: fire, air, water and earth.[24] She later handed them to the four kingdoms of Encantadia. King Arvak of Hathoria wanted to acquire all gems, starting a rebellion leading to the Great Encantadian War wherein he was killed. King Raquim of Sapiro was able to recover the fire and water gem from King Arvak, and decided to bring the two gems and the Sapiro's earth gem to Lireo for safekeeping.[23] Since then, the four powerful gems are guarded by the Queen of Lireo who then handed them to her four offsprings: Pirena, the keeper of the fire gem; Amihan for the air gem, and Alena and Danaya for the water and earth gem respectively.[23] On the 2016 series, a fifth gem was introduced as a result of Cassiopeia's intense breakage of the mother gem, which propelled to the sea shore wherein a lost mortal became the keeper.[25][26]

  • Fire Gem - The gem grants its owner the power to control fire, warmth and light. In this sense, the beholder can intensify sunlight and conjure fire. This gem has the ability of shapeshifting into another person. It can also create volcanic eruptions.[27]
  • Air Gem - The gem grants its owner the power to control the air, wind and coldness. In this sense, the beholder can change air currents, conjure oxygen in areas without it and transform into the air itself. It also grants the holder the ability to fly. The gem can also be employed in detecting the presence of nearby beings by tracing the sound of their breaths.[27]
  • Water Gem - The gem grants its keeper the power to control water. It enhances its keeper's strength and enables the person to control biosonar, liquids and sea creatures. It also enables its keeper to summon rain and portray an image through water.[27]
  • Earth Gem - The gem grants its owner earth-based powers, enabling the person to control the earth, vegetation and nature. In this sense, the beholder can conjure earthquakes, communicate with plants and animals, shapeshift into any flora and fauna and heal herself. Without the presence of the gem of earth, plants would wilt, animals would die, and beings in Encantadia would weaken.[27]
Additional note
  • In the 2016 series, a fifth gem, also called Brilyante ng liwanag (Gem of light) was introduced as a result of a fragment from Cassiopeia's intense breakage of the Mother gem. Its powers and abilities are not yet defined.[28]


Main article: Enchanta

Encantadia uses a fictional language called Enchanta.[29] It was created and conceptualized by Suzette Doctolero to make the viewers feel that the world of Encantados be somehow realistic and genuine. Doctolero created its vocabulary from many Indo-European languages with some influences of Philippine languages especially Tagalog.[30] It can be traced from words like "corre", to love (from the root "cor" meaning heart) and "avoya", to travel (voyage).[30] The language is also notable of being spoken as it sounds like its from some kind of European country because of the tone and the phonotactics.[30] Most characters from the Encantadia saga know how to speak Enchanta, but it was Cassiopeia that had spoken the language most in the whole series, from the fact that she is the first diwata (fairy) of Lireo and ancestor of all the royal-blooded diwatas.[29][31]

Wars in Encantadia[edit]

Wars of Encantadia
Great Encantadian War Lirean war War of the four Gems
Belligerents Kingdoms of Lireo
Kingdom of Sapiro
Territory of Adamya
Kingdom of Hathoria
Kingdoms of Lireo
Kingdom of Sapiro
Territory of Adamya
Commanders and Leaders Queen Mine-a(Lireo)
Raquim (Sapiro)
Imaw (Adamya)
Arvak (Hathoria)
Queen Minea (Lireo)
King Armeo (Sapiro)
Imaw (Adamya)
Queen Amihan
Prince Ybrahim (Sapiro)
Imaw (Adamya)
Belligerents Kingdom of Etheria Kingdom of Hathoria
Commanders and Leaders Queen Avria
Hera Juvila
Hera Andora
Hera Odessa
King Arvak
Prince Hagorn
King Hagorn
Outcome Kingdom of Etheria has been fallen by the combined forces of the other four kingdoms of Encantadia and resulted in the death of Etherian Queen Avria. Encantadia was then divided into the four kingdoms of Lireo, Adamya, Sapiro and Hathoria. Mine-a assumed the throne of Lireo. The King of Hathoria, Arvak was killed toward the end of the war while leading his troops trying to stem a full retreat of his armies after the successful onslaught of the allied Encantadian armies that broke the back of his invasion forces. Water and Fire gem was recovered and brought to Lireo for safe keeping. ongoing


Encantadia (2005)[edit]

The story unfolds in Lireo, the kingdom where Ynang Reyna (Queen Mother) Minea lives with her daughters Amihan, Alena, Danaya, and Pirena.[12] The four Sangg'res are tasked to be the new keepers of the brilliantes. Their skills in war and their powers as the royalty of the diwatas are believed to be the strength of Lireo.[12] As long as the gemstones are kept properly, the balance of nature in Encantadia remains. But everything changed when Pirena, the oldest of the four Sang'gre's consumed by her greed and jealous, plotted the downfall of her own sister Amihan who succeeded their mother as Queen.[32] This resulted into the War of the four Gems, or the war between the Hathorin Kingdom and the rest. With this situation, Lira, the lost daughter of Amihan returned to Encantadia and tried to fulfill her mission of mending the broken relationships of the strong-willed gemstone keepers.[33]

Etheria (2005-06)[edit]

Main article: Etheria

Back when Encantadia was a young world, there was a kingdom called Etheria, ruled by Reyna Avria, who wanted to control the neighboring kingdoms of Lireo, Sapiro, Adamya and Hathoria. However, the four kingdoms banded together and attempted to defeat the forces of Etheria in the Great Encantadian War. After Etheria had fallen, Avria swore that Etheria would return to power once the last Sang'gre is born. The prophecy was then fulfilled due to the birth of Cassandra. Etheria rose again from the ashes and in order to save the present, the four Sang'gres of Lireo travelled back to the past in ancient Encantadia, find the lost Sang'gre, and destroy the Ginintuang Orasan (Etheria's powerful weapon) to stop Avria's centuries-old plan to dominate the realm.[34]

Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas (2006)[edit]

This chapter depicts the continuing story of the four Sang'gres, Pirena, Amihan, Alena (now Queen of Sapiro) (Karylle) and Danaya (now Queen of Lireo) along with King Ybrahim of Sapiro, in the enchanted world of Encantadia, as they face the repercussions of their previous journey through Encantadia's history. The Four Herans of the Etherian Kingdom are plotting revenge against the Sang'gre's who, for the 2nd time took down their beloved Kingdom.[35]

Encantadia (2016)[edit]

After the Great Encantadian War the three kingdoms were able to live in peace for a thousand years, but the day came when the Hathors (inhabitants of Hathoria), led by King Arvak, gave in to their greed and started the Lirean war to claim the other gems, that they may gain power and rule over the whole continent. Later, King Arvak was killed by a Sapirian warrior named Asval but before he died, prince Raquim of Sapiro claimed the Gemstones of Water, Earth and Fire from him and handed them to the Queen of Lireo for safekeeping. The four gems have not been separated since. Thousand years have passed and the story unfolds in Lireo, where Queen Mine-a chose her successor from her daughters Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya because they feel imminent danger lurking, and as the gods called her to Devas (the world of the dead), she has to leave the kingdom of Lireo in good and capable hands. She put her daughters to the test to see their capabilities and know who is best fit to be the next queen. Mine-a chosed and crowned Amihan, which to Pirena's dismay, led to her rebellion and the onset of the so called War of the four Gems. The chain of events that transpired made way for the separation of the gemstones. Pirena, after having stolen the gemstone of fire, sided with the Hathors and gave them back the power they've lost.[36]


Book Episodes Originally aired Total Episodes
First aired Last aired
1 160 May 2, 2005 (2005-05-02) December 9, 2005 (2005-12-09) 258
2 50 December 12, 2005 (2005-12-12) February 17, 2006 (2006-02-17)
3 48 February 20, 2006 (2006-02-20) April 28, 2006 (2006-04-28)
4 TBA July 18, 2016 (2016-07-18) TBA

Cast and characters[edit]

Character GMA Network series GMA Films
Pag-Ibig Hanggang Wakas

Mulawin: The Movie
Inang Reyna Mine-a Dawn Zulueta Nadine Samonte Dawn Zulueta Marian Rivera
Amihan Iza Calzado Kylie Padilla Iza Calzado
Pirena Sunshine Dizon Glaiza de Castro Sunshine Dizon
Alena Karylle Gabbi Garcia Karylle
Danaya Diana Zubiri Sanya Lopez Valerie Concepcion
Ybarro/Ybrahim Dingdong Dantes Ruru Madrid Dingdong Dantes
Lira/Milagros Jennylyn Mercado Jennylyn Mercado Mikee Quintos
Mira Yasmien Kurdi Yasmien Kurdi Kate Valdez
Hagorn Pen Medina Ping Medina Pen Medina John Arcilla
Agane Leila Kuzma Leila Kuzma Rochelle Pangilinan
Anthony Mark Herras Migo Adecer
Apek Michael Roy Jornales Michael Roy Jornales
Aquil Alfred Vargas Alfred Vargas
BJ Forbes
Alfred Vargas Rocco Nacino
Hitano Polo Ravales Polo Ravales Pancho Magno
Muros Arthur Solinap Carlo Gonzales Arthur Solinap
Wantuk Marky Lopez Buboy Villar Marky Lopez
Cassiopeia Cindy Kurleto Empress Schuck Cindy Kurleto Solenn Heussaff
Raquim Richard Gomez Dennis Trillo Dingdong Dantes
Gurna Girlie Sevilla Aiza Marquez Vaness del Moral
Ades Ana Feleo
Asval Bobby Andrews Sid Lucero Neil Ryan Sese
Muyak Nancy Castiglione Klea Pineda
Wahid Benjie Paras Andre Paras
Apitong John Regala Christian Bautista
Amanda Irma Adlawan Angelu de Leon
Dado Allan Paule Leandro Baldemor
Reyna Avria Francine Prieto
Hera Andora Alessandra de Rossi
Hera Odessa Pauleen Luna
Hera Juvila Jopay Paguia
Banak Pekto Not specified Pekto
Nakba Rainier Castillo Not specified Not specified
Imaw Noel Urbano
Arvak Michael Flores Roi Vinzon
Armeo Ian Veneracion Jestoni Alarcon
Bathalumang Ether Angel Aquino a snake
Bathalang Emre Raymond Bagatsing a statue
Bathalang Arde Simon Ibarra a dragon spirit
Alira Naswen Julienne Lee
Enuo Rafa Siguion-Reyna
Rael Betong Sumaya
Pako James Teng
Icarus Ervic Vijandre
Pao-Pao Yuan Francisco
Rodjun Cruz (adult)
Vishka Conan Stevens
Ad'hara Sunshine Dizon
Pagaspas Miguel Tanfelix
Lakan Alden Richards
Lanzu Maureen Larrazabal

In other media[edit]

Video games[edit]

Encantadia Blast
Developer(s) GMA New Media
Platform(s) Android, IOS
Genre(s) Puzzle

A mobile application game available in IOS and Android entitled Encantadia Blast was released in 2016. It was presented by GMA Network's subsidiaries, GMA New Media and Digify.[37] As of September 2016, the mobile app has been downloaded 100,000 times in Android phones with generally positive reviews.[38]

Home media[edit]

On March 4, 2008, GMA records episodes of the 2005 series of Encantadia on DVD with 160 episodes divided into 12 volumes of DVDs.[39] Jason John Lim, former head of GMA records in 2005 stated in an interview that the DVD was released due to public demands specially for viewers overseas.[40]


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