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Southeastern portion of San Diego and neighborhood boundaries

Encanto is a hilly neighborhood located in the southeastern part of San Diego, California. The neighborhood of Encanto is split into two sections, North Encanto (which lies north of Broadway), and South Encanto (which lies south of Broadway).

The name Encanto usually refers to the neighborhood of Encanto, but it can also refer collectively to the neighborhoods of the Chollas Valley planning area, which consists of Chollas View, O'Farrell, Lincoln Park, Emerald Hills, Valencia Park, Broadway Heights, Alta Vista, Rosemont, as well as Encanto.

The citizens' community planning group that represents these eight neighborhoods in accordance with City of San Diego Council Policy 600-24 is named the Chollas Valley Community Planning Group.

Encanto is a predominantly a low-density residential community, with commercial and industrial businesses located near major streets. Encanto and the adjacent neighborhoods are going through revitalization with such programs as the Chollas Creek Enhancement Program, which focuses on open space and restoring native vegetation.


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