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Nanahoshi-hashi (Seven Stars Bridge), Enchō-en

The gardens of Enchō-en (燕趙園) are located in Yurihama, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. They are one of the largest Chinese-style gardens in Japan and a symbol of friendship between Tottori Prefecture and Hebei Province.[1][2]


Tottori and Hebei are each domestic leaders in the cultivation of pears.[2] From this shared bond a friendship agreement between the two was signed in 1986, leading to cooperation in the fields of agriculture and science.[2] To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the "sister-province" relationship, Enchō-en opened in 1996.[1][2]


Enchō-en occupies an area of 10,000 m2 on the southern shore of Lake Tōgō, against the backdrop of the local mountains.[1][3] The gardens were designed by an architect from Hebei in imitation of an imperial Chinese garden, incorporating materials and trees sourced from China.[1][4] The gardens feature twenty-eight celebrated views, including a miniature mountain made of stone from Yanshan, a lotus pond, bridges, gates, and pavilions.[5] The roof tiles are yellow, a colour formerly reserved for the Chinese Emperor, and the walls painted with Chinese dragons and decorative motifs.[3] There is also a hall for performances of Peking Opera and exhibitions of Chinese Art.[5]


Adjoining Enchō-en is a miniature Chinatown, with a peony garden and Chinese restaurants.[4] Several times a year cosplay enthusiasts gather and dress competitively as Chinamen.[6]

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