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Pronunciation ɛnˈtʃɑːntɑː
Created by Suzette Doctolero
Date 2005
Setting and usage Encantadia
Sources a priori language with a vocabulary influenced by Philippine languages (particularly Tagalog) and Romance languages.
Official status
Regulated by GMA Network
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog None

Enchanta /ɛnˈɑːntɑː/ (Enchan /ɛnˈɑːn/ in the 2016 series) is a constructed language spoken by the denizens of Encantadia, known as Encantado(s)/Encantada(s) or Diwata (fairies). It was initially created by Suzette Doctolero for the Philippine fantasy television drama saga Encantadia, which aired on GMA Network in 2005,[1] and was later used in the show's sequels, Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia and Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas. The source material of the language appears to have been derived from Philippine languages (particularly Tagalog) and Romance languages. It has its own script, Enchan, which appears to be based on Baybayin. Three songs in the language are written by Doctolero, namely "Asshenti (Love song)", "Hade!! (Etheria theme song)", and "Ivo (Lireo national anthem)", which are all sung by Bayang Barrios for the sequel Etheria in 2006.[2]


Enchanta was created by Suzette Doctolero originally for the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia to make the viewers feel that the world of Encantados be somehow realistic and genuine. Doctolero created its vocabulary from many Indo-European languages with some influences of Philippine languages especially Tagalog. It can be traced from words like "corre", to love (from the root "cor" meaning heart) and "avoya", to travel (voyage). The language is also notable of being spoken as it sounds like its from some kind of European country because of the tone and the phonotactics. Most characters from the Encantadia saga know how to speak Enchanta, but it was Cassiopeia that had spoken the language most in the whole series, from the fact that she is the first diwata (fairy) of Lireo and ancestor of all the royal-blooded diwatas of the Queendom.


English translations of phrases in Enchanta are written in parentheses below. These phrases are derived from the folk war song Hade!! (Etheria theme song) sung by Bayang Barrios and written by Suzette Doctolero. Based on the lyrics, the song is about the creation of Encantadia, the five kingdoms including Etheria, and warfare. In the end, the author appears to question the unending violence in the land, the lack of love and peace.[3]

Enchanta English
Ivi esna adelan e... (This is the promised land...)
Hade! Hade! Hade! (A warcry)
Agordo etu garte Emre-a ivo (By the Power of the Highest God)
Nusno celestia endu endo (to the cherubim cursed here)
Diam asolade ivi emustro entria (Five races they created) Ei Correi Diu-(I Love You) Agodo-(Frog)
Diam asolade ivi luntae esuedria (Five races they nurtured)
Encarte ivi esna... (But the races fought each other...)
Ilantre ivi e corre? (Where is the love?)
Ilantre ivi hasne masne? (Where is the peace?)
Ivi onan esna enchar? (That is the only desire of the land of mystery?)


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