Enchanted Journey (film)

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Enchanted Journey
Enchanted Journey Cover.jpg
Region 0 DVD cover (2003)
Directed by Hideo Nishimaki
Produced by Kiichirou Nohara
Screenplay by Yasuo Tanami
Based on Gurikku no Bōken
by Atsuo Saitō
Music by Reijiro Koroku
Release date
  • July 21, 1981 (1981-07-21) (Japan)
  • July 7, 1986 (1986-07-07) (United States)
Running time
85 minutes[1]
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Enchanted Journey, released in Japan as Gurikku no Bōken (グリックの冒険?, lit. The Adventures of Glikko), is a 1981 Japanese anime film directed by Hideo Nishimaki and based on the book of the same name by Atsuo Saitō.


A domestically raised chipmunk, Glikko, befriends a carrier pigeon named Pippo (pee-poh), who tells Glikko of an enormous forest where chipmunks roam free. Enthralled by the story, Glikko leaves his home in the city and sister in search of the Vast North Forest. Along the way he meets up with another chipmunk named Nono, whom Glikko reluctantly allows to accompany him. On their journey they are faced with dangers such as predators (including foxes and hawks) and the winter climate.


Character Voice (Japanese) Voice (English)
Glikko Yuu Mizushima Lionel G. Wilson
Gamba Takeshi Aono Jim Backus
Nono Youko Asagami Corinne Orr
Pippo Kousei Tomita Orson Welles
Fluff Rihoko Yoshida
Nono's Mother

Production and release[edit]

The Enchanted Journey is based on the book by Atsuo Saitō,[1] originally published in 1970.[2] The film was produced by Studio Korumi,[3][4] and released in Japanese theaters on July 21, 1981.[1] In the United States, an English-dubbed version with the voices of Jim Backus and Orson Welles aired on the HBO network (in July 1986),[5] and on the Family Channel (in March 1996).[6] This version was released on VHS by Hi-Tops Video several months after the HBO airing.[7]

Date Producer Distributor Country Media Languages
1981-07-01 Studio Korumi[3][4] Japan (premier) Ja
1986-07 HBO[5] United States TV broadcast En
1986 Hi-Tops Video[8] United States VHS En
1996-03 The Family Channel[6] United States TV broadcast En
1997-03-01 [9] Japan VHS Ja
2003 Blast Films[10] United States DVD En
2004-01-06 Vintage Home Entertainment[11] DVD


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