Enciklopedio Kalblanda

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Enciklopedio Kalblanda
IPA: [ent͡siklopeˈdi.o kalˈblanda]
A full screenshot of a saved page in the Internet Archive
Type of site
Available in Esperanto
Owner Stephen Kalb
Created by Stephen Kalb
Website mebsuta.com
(at Internet Archive)
Commercial no
Launched January 11, 1996 (on Pobox)
January 11, 1996 (on mebsuta.com)[1]
Current status inactive

Enciklopedio Kalblanda (English: Kalb-land Encyclopedia), edited from 1996 to 2001, was the first Internet Esperanto encyclopedia. It was founded on January 11, 1996 by Stephen Kalb, who was the general editor. The encyclopedia contained 139 articles linked to 85 other themes. The text of the encyclopedia (though not the pictures) is under the GFDL.

In December 2001, Kalb donated his 139 articles to the Esperanto Wikipedia, to be expanded. It is linked on Vikipedio as Enciklopedio Kalblanda. He now contributes directly to Vikipedio.[2]

Imported articles[edit]


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