Encore (Tangerine Dream album)

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Live album by Tangerine Dream
Released October 1977
Recorded March 29, - April 26, 1977, live during North American Tour
Genre Electronic, Berlin School, space
Length 71:49
Label Virgin
Producer Tangerine Dream
Tangerine Dream chronology
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Encore: Tangerine Dream Live is the second live album and tenth overall by the German group Tangerine Dream.[2] It is mostly assembled from various recordings from the band's very successful 1977 U.S. tour.

Track listing[edit]

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Cherokee Lane" 16:19
Side two
No. Title Length
1. "Monolight" 19:54
Side three
No. Title Length
1. "Coldwater Canyon" 18:06
Side four
No. Title Length
1. "Desert Dream" 17:30

TD performed "Cherokee Lane" and "Monolight", or some variants thereof, at every concert in 1977. The released version of "Monolight" has been identified as being recorded in Washington, D.C. on 4 April. The spoken introduction -by Leo del Aguila a.k.a Prof. Mota, WGTB's music director- of the album also comes from here. A fantape of this complete concert was officially released as a part of the Bootleg Box Set vol. 2 in 2004. (Two other tracks, named "Monolith" and "Drywater Rush" on Tangerine Tree volume 4 and subsequently also on the Bootleg Box, were also played in some form from concert to concert, but were not included on Encore.) With regards to "Coldwater Canyon", Edgar Froese has stated that the track was played only once, during the tour's leg in southwestern United States.

After a slightly experimental wind effect and organ intro,"Cherokee Lane" settles into a hypnotic sequencer/mellotron improvisation. "Monolight" starts with a piano improvisation, followed by a short melodic piece called just "Encore" on the single release set to a march-like rhythm. After this, a more typical sequence is brought in and TD return to improvisation, tangenting the main themes to the title track from their previous studio album Stratosfear, and "Betrayal" from their soundtrack album Sorcerer. This section was on the 1994 compilation Tangents subtitled "Yellow Part". The track ends with another piano section, this time a version of the ending from Stratosfear's final track "Invisible Limits" which, in turn, is based on Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata". "Coldwater Canyon" plunges headfirst into another sequence-based improvisation with a very choppy rhythm, laced with extensive guitar work from Froese.

In contrast to the other three tracks, "Desert Dream" is a collage of older, more atmospheric material, including leftover material from previous studio albums as well as parts of the group's soundtrack to the play Oedipus Tyrannus, recorded live in Chichester in August 1974.


  • "Encore" – "Hobo March"


Additional personnel[edit]

  • Monique Froese – photography
  • Hartmut Heinze – engineer
  • Simon Heyworth – digital remastering
  • Mark Prendergast – liner notes

Chart performance[edit]

Year Chart Position
1977 UK Album Chart 55


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