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Encyclopaedia Islamica
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The Encyclopedia Islamica is an encyclopedia on Islamic and Iranian studies published by Brill, comprising a projected 16-volume translation of selected articles from the new Persian Dā'erat-ol-Ma'āref-e Bozorg-e Eslāmi (Persian: دائرةالمعارف بزرگ اسلامی‎, "The Great Islamic Encyclopaedia"), supplemented by additional articles written in English by scholars affiliated with the Institute of Ismaili Studies.[1][2]

The Persian-language project has been led by Kazem Mousavi-Bojnourdi since 1983, when the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia was established in Teheran for the purpose of constituting a scientific committee to oversee its creation.[3] The project, which provides comprehensive coverage of Shia Islam has sparked considerable interest in the Islamic world and is being consulted by many Persian-speaking scholars of Islamic studies.[1][2][3] As of 2016, the encyclopedia is at the ninth letter of the Persian alphabet and its 22nd completed volume.[4]

Brill's Encyclopedia Islamica, which is edited by Farhad Daftary and Wilferd Madelung, is currently at its fifth volume.[1][5] It was begun in 2008 and is expected to be completed in 2023.[6] It is intended for advanced graduate students and scholars who require meticulous documentation.[2]


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