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The Encyclopaedia of Medical Imaging[1] is a print and online medical wiki encyclopedia of medical imaging used in radiology and radiography.[2] Its online version was called Medcyclopaedia.[3]

The encyclopedia is the result of a collaboration of the Nycomed Amersham Intercontinental Continuing Education in Radiology Institute (NICER Institute), Sweden, Department of Radiology, Lund University, Sweden, and Amersham Health, Oslo, Norway. It was published in the book and CD-ROM format. It is permitted to copy both text and images for the use in lectures provided that the source is acknowledged. [2]

The Medcyclopaedia.com website was provided and copyrighted by the healthcare unit of General Electric corporation. Retrieval of images (other than thumbnails) required registration.


The work contains over 17,000 entries and 7,000 images in over 3,600 pages. The preface says that the work is not to replace textbooks or scientific articles, but rather to provide the succinct representation of the up-to-date knowledge in diagnostic imaging, and reviewers agree that the goal has been achieved.[2][4]

  • Volume 1, Physics, techniques, and procedures
  • Volume 2, Normal anatomy
  • Volume 3, Musculoskeletal and soft-tissue imaging
  • Volume 4, Gastrointestinal and urogenital imaging
  • Volume 5, Chest and cardiovascular imaging
  • Volume 6, Neuroradiology and head and neck imaging
  • Volume 7, Pediatric imaging
  • Volume 8, Index to the series


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