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The Encyclopaedia of the Qurʾān (EQ) is an academic encyclopedia with articles on the most important themes and subjects of the Qur'an.

The publisher, Brill, describes the encyclopedia as follows:

Drawing upon a rich scholarly heritage, Brill's Encyclopaedia of the Qur'ān (EQ) combines alphabetically arranged articles about the contents of the Qur'ān. It is an encyclopaedic dictionary of qur'ānic terms, concepts, personalities, place names, cultural history and exegesis extended with essays on the most important themes and subjects within qur'ānic studies.[1]


  • Edited by Jane Dammen McAuliffe et al., Encyclopaedia of the Qurʾān 1st Edition., 5 vols. plus index., Leiden: Brill Publishers, 2001-2006, ISBN 90-04-14743-8
  • Vol. I: A-D (publication year 2001)
  • Vol. II: E-I (2002)
  • Vol. III: J-O (2003)
  • Vol. IV: P-Sh (2004)
  • Vol. V: Si-Z (2006)
  • Index Vol. (2006)

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