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Encyclopedia of China
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GenreReference encyclopedia
PublisherEncyclopedia of China Publishing House
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Media type74 Hardback Volumes

The Encyclopedia of China (Chinese: 中国大百科全书; pinyin: Zhōngguó Dà Bǎikē Quánshū; lit. 'China Great Encyclopedia') is the first large-entry modern encyclopedia in the Chinese language. The compilation began in 1978. Published by the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, the encyclopedia was issued one volume at a time, beginning in 1980 with a volume on astronomy; the final volume was completed in 1993. It comprised 74 volumes, with more than 80,000 entries.[1] Arranged by subject, which numbered 66 (some subjects occupy more than one volume), within each subject, entries were arranged by pinyin as many modern Chinese dictionaries have been. A Uyghur language edition was also published in 2015.[2]

A CD-ROM version and a subscription-based online version are also available. A second and more concise edition of the work was published in 2009.

The third online edition was released and published in the end of 2018,[3] which is free to use.[4] More than 20,000 scholars participated in this online encyclopaedia program which started in 2011, including some experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences. The encyclopedia has more than 300,000 entries.[5][6]

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