Encyclopedia of the History of Arabic Science

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Encyclopedia of the History of Arabic Science
Encyclopedia of the History of Arabic Science.jpg
Author(eds.) Roshdi Rashed with Régis Morelon
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication date
May 1996
509/.17/4927 21
LC ClassQ127.A5 E53 2000

The Encyclopedia of the History of Arabic Science is a three-volume encyclopedia covering the history of Arabic contributions to science, mathematics and technology which had a marked influence on the Middle Ages in Europe. It is written by internationally recognized experts in the field and edited by Roshdi Rashed in collaboration with Régis Morelon.[1]

Volume one covers "Astronomy--Theoretical and applied". Volume two covers "Mathematics and the Physical Sciences". Volume three covers "Technology, Alchemy, and the Life Sciences".


  • French edition: "Histoire des sciences arabes", 3 vol., Le Seuil, Paris, 1997, (ISBN 2-02-030355-8).
  • Arabic edition: "Mawsu‘a Tarikh al-‘ulum al-‘arabiyya", 3 vol., Markaz Dirasat al-Wahda al-‘arabiyya, Beirut, 1997, (ISBN 9953-450-73-0, 978-9953-450-73-5).[2]


A partial list of contributors include:

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3



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