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Not to be confused with Holocaust Encyclopedia.

The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust was published in 1990, in tandem Hebrew and English editions, by Yad Vashem (יד ושם), the Holocaust Remembrance Authority in Israel.

Included in the Encyclopedia: hundreds of entries, with illustrations, maps, and bibliographic references for further reading. Both editions have a Glossary of Terms. The Index of the Hebrew edition (vol. 6) includes bilingual lists of names of persons, organizations, and places.

The Encyclopedia was the winner of the 1990 American Library Association’s Dartmouth Medal.

International Editorial Board[edit]

Editor in chief:

The other editors:


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  • Ha-Entsiklopedya shel ha-Shoah (Hebrew: האנציקלופדיה של השואה), Israel Gutman, editor-in-chief. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem; Tel Aviv: Sifriat Poalim Publishing House, 1990. 6 volumes. ISBN 965-04-2085-1