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End Poverty Now
Region served
Canada and abroad
Services Grassroots Projects, Educational Initiatives, Chapters, Volunteering
Official language
English, French
Slogan Give, Grow, Sustain

End Poverty Now (EPN) is a Canadian non-profit based in Montreal, with chapters located across the country, dedicated to alleviating poverty globally. EPN operates through two main streams: grassroots projects and educational initiatives.


Vision, mission and values[edit]

EPN's vision is to foster a network of non-profits, volunteers, and donors to fight poverty through community-led initiatives.[1]

EPN's mission is to fulfill their vision through: (1) Partnering with other organizations to support communities in need. (2) Funding sustainable community-led initiatives. (3) Educating and raising awareness of social and economic issues related to poverty.[2]

EPN believes in supporting sustainable community-led projects that permanently lift people out of poverty and build leadership, assessment, administration, and physical skills that can help people create future solutions independently.[3]


EPN operates at a grassroots level, with a team that works together in a democratic and closely collaborative manner. EPN's Chapters across Canada act as the primary fundraising and campaigning sources, which directly support EPN's Grassroots Projects. The organization's team of Officers are essential to the effective operation of the organization's communication, marketing, research, content creation, and campaign planning, continually providing new ideas to engage EPN members and outside communities. EPN's Board of Directors manages the organization's administrative tasks, along with its Grassroots Projects and Educational Initiatives divisions, while offering support to its Officers and Chapters. Each member does meaningful, necessary work, always receiving support and constantly learning as they explore new ideas to alleviate poverty and increase awareness.[4]


EPN was founded on August 21, 2006, by students at McGill University. The organization was built on a tri-pillar structure of Education, “InReach,” and Grassroots Projects. Within a few years, EPN developed into an independent organization apart from the university, bringing in professionals as advisors and staff. Since then, EPN has experienced growth and change under different leaderships.

In 2013, under the leadership of a new Board of Directors, End Poverty Now began undergoing a comprehensive internal restructuring process, aimed at substantial improvements within the organization’s communications, marketing, administration, and volunteer management operations. More importantly, EPN changed its mission and organizational structure; its structure was modified to operate at a more grassroots level, and its mission became one which emphasized the long-term sustainability of grassroots projects. The previous tri-pillar mandate was eliminated, and EPN shifted its focus to Grassroots Projects, EPN Chapters, and Educational Initiatives (a new division).

End Poverty Now launched a new website in April 2013, along with "Perspectives on Poverty", a blog which aims to explore unique perspectives on issues relating to poverty and act as an online resource centre for poverty education.

Financial Policy[edit]

EPN prides itself on being a national corporation. This enables them to maximize the portion of raised funds that go towards their Grassroots Projects. 80% of funds collected for EPN's trust go towards Grassroots Projects, while 20% are retained for administrative costs and expenses. 100% of funds collected for EPN's endowment go directly to their endowment fund. EPN retains all financial and donation records and operates with financial transparency. All financial information is readily available for interested parties. As a registered charity, EPN also files annual taxes with the federal and provincial revenue agencies.[5]


Grassroots projects[edit]

End Poverty Now dedicates 80% of its funds towards poverty-alleviating grassroots projects. EPN works to establish locally developed initiatives aimed at creating long-term sustainability and growth. EPN receives and carefully selects submissions from other organizations looking to engage in joint ventures. They then collaborate closely with their partners to ensure that the project thrives.[6]

EPN's Grassroots Projects include:

  • Fountain Youth Initiative, Kenya (2015-present)[7]
  • Garhwal Organization for Uplifting the Needy, India (2010-2015)
  • Women’s Agricultural Training Program, Village Health Works, Burundi (2010-2013)
  • Aboriginal Homeless Shelter, Projets Autochthones du Québec, Canada (2010-2012)
  • Beekeeping, Rwanda Village Concept Project & Widow’s Association, Rwanda (2008-2010)
  • Backyard Gardening, International Association for Transformation, Philippines (2008-2009)
  • Children’s Home, Rural Association for Development and Helpful Assistance, India (2007-2008).[8]

EPN chapters[edit]

End Poverty Now chapters are essential to EPN’s ability to support communities locally and abroad. EPN chapters fund raise for EPN’s Grassroots Projects, educate their communities, and volunteer locally. 100% of profits from these chapters’ fundraisers go directly towards our Grassroots Projects. These clubs are run by small groups of enthusiastic students, making them great places to discuss and learn about poverty. Since they are smaller clubs, they provide each member with the opportunity to play a vital role and to learn a great deal in the process.[9]

Current EPN chapters can be found at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec; University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario. Former chapters include a chapter at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec and at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, however they are currently inactive.

Educational Initiatives[edit]

Educational Initiatives is a new division at End Poverty Now committed to providing local learning opportunities and online resources for anyone interested in learning about poverty. EPN also aims to gather, create, and share classroom resources for student groups and K-12 teachers. In addition to funding grassroots projects that help those living in poverty learn through establishing their own wealth-creating initiatives, End Poverty Now is dedicated to educating First World communities on the complexities of poverty and poverty alleviation. EPN aims to create and sustain a youth-driven discussion around the causes, manifestations, possible solutions, and even definitions of poverty.[10]


Perspectives on Poverty (blog)[edit]

Perspectives on poverty is a new blog by End Poverty Now. Launched in April 2013, it aims to explore unique perspectives on issues relating to poverty, and to act as an online resource center for poverty education (See http://www.endpovertynow.ca/blog).[11]

Greeting Cards Fundraising Campaign[edit]

End Poverty Now designs and sells its own greeting cards as a fundraising initiative. Their cards are designed by EPN's own volunteers, and 100% of profits go directly towards its Grassroots Projects. These greeting cards are bilingual (French and English) and non-denominational.[12]

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