End of the Century (Boris the Sprinkler album)

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End Of The Century
End of the Century (Boris the Sprinkler album).jpg
Studio album by Boris The Sprinkler
Released 1998
Recorded 1998
Genre Punk rock, pop punk
Label Clearview
Boris The Sprinkler chronology
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End Of The Century
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End of the Century is a 1996 album by Wisconsin punk rock band, Boris the Sprinkler, which covers the fifth album by the Ramones in its entirety.[1] It was recorded for under $500 in bassist Eric No. 2's basement studio, a cost of less than one-half of one percent of the recording cost of the original album.

Track listing[edit]

All songs credited to Ramones, except as noted.

  1. "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?"
  2. "I'm Affected"
  3. "Danny Says"
  4. "Chinese Rock" (Dee Dee Ramone, Richard Hell)
  5. "The Return of Jackie and Judy"
  6. "Let's Go"
  7. "Baby, I Love You" (Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich)
  8. "I Can't Make It on Time"
  9. "This Ain't Havana"
  10. "Rock 'n' Roll High School"
  11. "All the Way"
  12. "High Risk Insurance"


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