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Endavant - Organització Socialista d'Alliberament Nacional

Forward - Socialist Organisation of National Liberation
Merger ofPlatform for the Unity of Action
HeadquartersC/Tordera, 34 (Barcelona)
C/Maldonado, 46 (València)
C/Missió, 19 (Palma de Mallorca)
Student wingSindicat d'Estudiants dels Països Catalans (SEPC)
Youth wingArran
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Catalan independence
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationPopular Unity Candidates (CUP)
Trade union affiliationCoordinadora Obrera Sindical (COS)
Parliament of Catalonia[1]
2 / 135

Endavant - Organització Socialista d'Alliberament Nacional (in Catalan: Forward - Socialist Organisation of National Liberation, Endavant (OSAN); commonly referred to only as Endavant) is an independentist, socialist and feminist Spanish political party in the Catalan Countries. Endavant was formed in July 2000, as a refoundation of the Platform for the Unity of Action, with the support of independents and local collectives.[2] Endavant supports and is part of the Popular Unity Candidates (CUP).

Ideology and tactics[edit]

In addition to claiming the independence of the Catalan Countries, Endavant has prioritised working within the social movements and in the struggles of the Catalan anti-capitalist left like combating job insecurity, participated in the campaign against the European Constitution, following the referendum in February 2005, criticising the project for its neoliberal social aspects and the lack of recognition of the Catalan national rights.[3] Endavant has also been part of the "Network Against Closures and Precariousness", which brings together unions and leftist groups, as well as various initiatives to support workers in struggle against the 2008-2015 Spanish Crisis or in favor of the student mobilisations in defense of public education.[4][5]

The main demonstrations, in conjunction with the rest of the pro-independence left, that the organisation calls yearly are the one on the National Day of Catalonia, 9 of October, 31 December, 25 April, International Women's Day and International Workers' Day.



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