Endemic Species in Slovakia

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Certain plant species are endemic to Slovakia.

Gentiana frigida[edit]

Gentiana frigida Haenke grows sporadically in part shade on snow-covered places, especially on noncalcite stones at Alpine level. It blooms from July to September.

Common name: Horec Ľadový (Ice gentian)

Area found: Tatry (Západné, Výsoké and Belianske)

Danger: Leaves of plant are poisonous if ingested

Sun Exposure: Shadow / half sun

Bloom Color: White-dark green-yellow

Bloom Time: Summer

Foliage: Evergreen, glossy-textured

Leaves: Comparatively long, green

Large: disproportional

Pulsatilla slavica[edit]


Pulsatilla slavica G.Reuss developed into the form we see today during the end of the Pleistocene and the beginning of the Holocene era. It grows on grassy meadowlands, in hilly regions or mountain ranges. It is endemic in Slovakia and has been found in neighboring areas.

Common name:Poniklec Slovenský (Slovak pulsatilla)

Area found: Slovenský raj

Danger: Non-poisonous

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Bloom Color: Purple, deep purple

Bloom Time: Summer / late summer

Leaves: Comparatively short, thin, very light green

Large: disproportional

Daphne arbuscula[edit]

Daphne arbuscula Čelak is a paleoendemic taxon. It survived glacial periods on highly located stones. It is located on ridges and terraces, from 590 to 1300 meters above sea level.

Common name: Lykovec Muránsky (Muránsky Daphne)

Area found: Muránska planina

Danger: All parts of plant are poisonous if ingested

Sun Exposure: Full and half Sun

Bloom Color: Pink, light pink if lack of sun

Bloom Time: Early summer

Foliage: Delicate and dark or black

Leaves: Thick, very fresh green Large: up to 60 cm

Soldanella carpatica[edit]

Soldanella carpatica Vierh. Soldanelka probably evolved during the Pleistocene period. This taxon grows in Súlovské skaly (lowest location 400m.n.m.) and we can find it in Tatry (highest location 2650m.n.m) as well. The biggest colonies were found above the forests.

Common name: Soldanelka Karpatská (Carpathian soldanella)

Area found: Súľovské skaly; Tatry

Danger: Non-poisonous

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Bloom Color: Violet, pale blue

Bloom Time: Late winter/early spring

Foliage: Evergreen

Leaves: Very small, light green

Large: from 30 to 40 cm