Endemic birds of the West Indies

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This article is one of a series providing information about endemism among birds in the World's various zoogeographic zones. For an overview of this subject see Endemism in birds.

Patterns of endemism[edit]

This region is notable not just for the high number of endemic species, but for endemism in higher-level taxonomic groupings too.

Family-level endemism[edit]

The following families are endemic to the region:

Genus-level endemism[edit]

In addition to genera in the families above, the following genera are endemic to the region :

Five genera found only on Hispaniola:

Five genera found only on Jamaica:

One genus found only on Puerto Rico:

Six genera found only on Cuba:

The following genera are confined to the Lesser Antilles:

In addition in the following genera, high proportions of the member species are endemic to the west Indies:

Endemic Bird Areas[edit]

Birdlife International has defined a number of Endemic Bird Areas in the West Indies.

025 Cuba
026 Bahamas
027 Jamaica
028 Hispaniola
029 Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands
030 Lesser Antilles

They have also defined the following Secondary areas:

List of species[edit]

Species endemic to Cuba[edit]

Species endemic to Hispaniola[edit]

Species endemic to Jamaica[edit]

Species endemic to Puerto Rico[edit]

Other species endemic to the Greater Antilles[edit]

Species endemic to the Lesser Antilles[edit]

Other species endemic to the region[edit]


The following is a list of species endemic to the region as breeding species:

The following is a list of species endemic to the region as non-breeding species:

The following restricted-range species are also found in the region:

The following seabirds are restricted to the region as breeders:


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