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An Endless Slope is a sloped treadmill that allows skiers and snowboarders to refine form and strengthen muscles. Practicing on this treadmill that simulates snow allows carving, edging, pressuring, steering, and balance on skis or a snowboard, allowing the rider to experience the same muscle workout as on the mountain while developing the skills needed to gracefully move on snow.

An alpine skiing simulator, is a conveyor, having an inclined surface with the moving multilayer carpet, made out of the high-technology composite material.[1] The band’s movement is directed upwards of the inclined surface towards the skier. Using a remote control, an instructor can set up different skiing conditions. For safety reasons the simulator has a smooth start and a smooth stop of the carpet and emergency stop sensors. A usual outfit is used for training at Proleski simulator:[2] skis, boots, ski poles, and a snowboard.

To ensure good slipping performance the upper working layer of the carpet is moistened with water, sending a signal from a remote control. In addition to that, if the slipping performance needs to be increased, it is possible to treat the working layer of the carpet with a special concentrate.


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