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An endpoint, end-point or end point may refer to:

  • Endpoint (band), a hardcore punk band from Louisville, Kentucky
  • Endpoint (chemistry), the conclusion of a chemical reaction, particularly for titration
  • Outcome measure, a measure used as an endpoint in research
  • Clinical endpoint, in clinical research, a disease, symptom, or sign that constitutes one of the target outcomes of the trial or its participants
  • Communication endpoint, the entity on one end of a transport layer connection
  • Endpoint, the lower or upper bound of an interval (mathematics)
  • Endpoint, either of the two nodes of an edge in a graph
  • Endpoint, either of two extreme points on a line segment
  • Endpoint, a function or procedure call that is part of an API in software engineering
  • Endpoint security, the security model around end user devices such as PCs, laptops and mobile phones