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The Enduroman Arch to Arc Triathlon is an ultra-distance triathlon. The triathlon starts with an 87-mile run (140 km) from London's Marble Arch to Dover on the Kent coast, then a cross-Channel swim (shortest distance 21 miles/33.8 km) to the French coast, and finishes with a 180-mile (289.7 km) bike ride from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The clock starts at Marble Arch, London and stops at the Arc de Triomphe, Paris. Only 28 athletes have ever completed the challenge. As of June 2016 the record for the course is 59 hours and 56 minutes, set by Cyril Blanchard of France,[1] beating the previous record of 61 hours, 27 minutes set in 2014 by Jon Van Wisse of Australia.[2] On August 19, 2011, Rachael Cadman became the first woman to complete the challenge, in 97 hours, 37 minutes.[3] Joanne Rodda finished in 78 hours, 39 minutes on 30 September 2014 to become the fastest female finisher.[4] In August 2015, 25-year-old Freddie Iron became the youngest man to complete the Arch to Arc, in a time of 77 hours, 17 minutes.[5] On 21 September 2015, at 53 years old, Grantley Bridge became the oldest man to complete it, in 88 hours, 7 minutes.[6]

In 2018, Frenchwoman Marine Leleu finished the competition in 69h52, setting the new female record for the event. She lost her title a few weeks later to Perrine Fages who finished the competition in 67h21.[7]

As of August 2017 the relay record is held by the six-person Team Manchester's Blood Brothers, with an overall time of 33 hours, 5 minutes in September 2014.[6]

In August 2017, Douglas Waymark got into difficulty about half-way through the cross-Channel swimming element of the event. After being airlifted to William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, he later died.[8]

Prize list[edit]

Palmarès masculin
Année Gold medal icon.svg Temps Silver medal icon.svg Temps Bronze medal icon.svg temps
2016 Cyril Blanchard 59 h 56
2015 Freddie Iron 77h 17'  Andrei Roşu 85h 30'  Grantley Bridge 88h 7' 
2014 John Van Wisse 61h 27'  Elad Benjamin 79h 54'  Nick Thomas 80h 50' 
2013 Roderick Elder 64h 52'  Andrew Moore 67h 18'  Paul Gosney 69h 7' 
2012 Mark Bayliss 73h 39' 
2010 Jonnie Goss 106h 41' 
2009 Dave Farrell 134h 51' 
2008 Tom Beaver 85h 56' 
2007 Julian Crabtree 87h 37'  Steve Hayward 103h 48' 
2003 Andy Mouncey 115h 28' 
2001 Edgar Ette 81h 5' 
Palmarès féminin
Année Gold medal icon.svg Temps Silver medal icon.svg Temps
2019 Jacomina Eijkelboom 66h 56
2018 Perrine Fages 67h 21
2017 Rachel Hill 88 h 30
2014 Joanne Rodda 78h 39' 
2013 Judith Martin 76h 23'  Rachel Hessom 167h 7' 
2012 Michelle Rothwell 92h 0' 
2011 Rachael Cadman 97h 37'  Michelle Santilhano 120h 16' 


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