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Endy Chow Jaugwokyin
Chinese name 周國賢
Pinyin zhou1 guo2 xian2 (Mandarin)
Jyutping zau1 gwok3 yin4 (Cantonese)
Birth name Chow Kwok Yin
Origin Hong Kong
Born (1979-12-11) 11 December 1979 (age 37)
British Hong Kong
Occupation Singer, actor
Genre(s) Cantopop, Rock
Instrument(s) Guitar, piano
Label(s) Warner Music Hong Kong
Spouse(s) 1
Children 3
Influenced by

Nirvana, HIDE, MIYAVI, cocteau twins, Alice in Chains, deftones, HUM, Silverchair, foo fighters, sigur ros, DJ Krush, Incubus, KoЯn, smashing pumpkins, NIN, sonic youth, stone temple pilots, massive attack, pearl jam, the mad capsule markets,

boom boom satellites, king crimson.
Website facebook.com/endychowjaugwokyin

Endy Chow Kwok Yin is a Hong Kong singer & composer.

Early life[edit]

Chow family immigrated to New Zealand when he was 13, and went to Japan to further his studies when he was 19.


At 15, Chow formed a band with friends (including current members of Climax), naming it Zarahn after the band's first guitar teacher. Thereafter, Zarahn composed more than 100 songs. He was signed to Warner Hong Kong as a solo artist in September 2003 after a friend, Candy Hung, helped pass his demo tape to composer and producer, Joannes Lam.

He currently has three releases: the 'Endy Chow EP', 'Greenhouse Balloon' and recently his new album 'Light'.

In 2005, he performed in the male lead role in Denise Ho's stage musical, "The Butterfly Lovers".

In a recent interview, Endy said that he is interested in the music industry because he likes to create music from scratch. He finds it very rewarding and thanks all his fans for the continuous support given.


In 2001, Chow married a Korean girl he met while studying in Japan. With his wife, Chow has three daughters, Clara, Rachel, and Elisa.


  • ICAC Investigators 2011 (2011)

Solo album[edit]

  • [《周國賢同名EP》(2004/March)]
  • [《周國賢同名EP 》(2nd Version)(2004/April)]
  • [《溫室汽球》(2004/Nov)]
  • [《溫室汽球》(2nd Version)(2005/Jan)]
  • [《光》 (2005/Nov)]
  • [《光》(Special Edition)(2005/Dec)]
  • [《College》(新曲+精選)(2009/June)]
  • [《Implode》(2010/Oct)]
  • [《This Is Not The End》(White+Black EP)(2011/July)]
  • [《This Is Not The End》(Is The Beginning Version)(2011/Sept)]
  • [《Project December》(2011/Dec)]
  • [《Live A Life》(2012/Aug)]
  • [《Live A Life》(2nd Version)(2012/Sept)]

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