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Tiit in 2009

Ene–Margit Tiit (born 22 April 1934) is an Estonian mathematician and statistician who became the founding president of the Estonian Statistical Society.

Early life and education[edit]

Tiit is the daughter of mathematician Arnold Humal [et] and was born in Tartu, then part of the Soviet Union, on 22 April 1934. She went to a high school in Tallinn and completed her undergraduate studies in 1957 at the University of Tartu, then called Tartu State University.[1] She remained at the same university for her doctoral work, defending a dissertation on Ridade ümberjärjestamisest (On rearrangements of series) in 1963 with Gunnar Kangro as her doctoral supervisor.[1][2]


After briefly working at the Estonian Agricultural Academy before her doctorate, Tiit returned to the University of Tartu as a faculty member.[3] There, the topics of her research included "mathematical statistics, population sciences, sociology and anthropology".[1] She founded the Department of Mathematical Statistics there, and became its first regular professor.[4] The Estonian Statistical Society was founded in September 1992, soon after the fall of the Soviet Union, and Tiit became its first president.[1]

She retired in 1999, but continued to work as a senior methodologist for Statistics Estonia.[3]


In 1995 the University of Helsinki gave Tiit an honorary doctorate. She is also a fourth class member of the Order of the White Star.[4] She is an Elected Member of the International Statistical Institute.[3]


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