Enemies of Reason

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For the television documentary, see The Enemies of Reason.
Enemies of Reason
Studio album by The Frantics
Released 2006
Recorded 2005
Genre Comedy
Length 37:27
Label Frantics World Limited
Producer Marvin Dolgay
The Frantics chronology
Official Bootleg CD - Live at the Tim Sims Playhouse
(2004)Official Bootleg CD - Live at the Tim Sims Playhouse2004
Enemies of Reason
The Best of Frantic Times
(Forthcoming)The Best of Frantic TimesString Module Error: Match not found

Enemies of Reason is a Canadian comedy album, performed by The Frantics comedy troupe. The sketches were recorded live in front of an audience at Toronto's Yuk Yuks venue on November 20, 2005. Some of these skits also appeared on "The Frantics Reunion Special" television show, as well as on an episode of CBC Radio One's Madly Off in All Directions.


Track listing[edit]

  1. "Just 5 Minutes"
  2. "Earth Raper"
  3. "Chunder Business School"
  4. "My Lovely Lovely Body"
  5. "New Condo"
  6. "Whenever I'm Near You"
  7. "Some Weather"
  8. "Sex Book"
  9. "P.A.S."
  10. "Magnum Weekend"
  11. "Prostate Song"
  12. "The Saturn Way"
  13. "Clinical Advice"
  14. "Truth Song"
  15. "Barney's Useless Utensils"
  16. "Vagina Bound"

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