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Energid Technologies, Corp.
Industry Robotics, Machine Vision
Founded 2001
Headquarters Cambridge, Massachusetts
Products Actin Robotic Control Software, Machine Vision Software, CODEC Device and Software
Website www.Energid.com

Energid Technologies is an engineering firm providing robotics[1] , machine vision, and remote control[2] software with the core product referred to as Actin. Its headquarters are in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has regional presence in Burlington, Massachusetts, New York, New York; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Tucson, Arizona; Austin, Texas; and Chicago, Illinois. Energid also has an international presence in Bangalore, India. Energid Technologies develops tools for robotic applications in the aerospace, agriculture,[3] transportation, defense,[4] and medical[5] industries. Energid's Actin[6] and Selectin products provide advanced robotics technology in the form of extendable software toolkits. Actin is in release 4.1.0 and provides control and tasking for complex multi-robot systems.[7] Energid has applied its software[8] to control robots for seafloor[9] oil exploration,[10] nuclear reactor inspection,[11] and citrus harvesting.[12]


Energid Technologies was founded in 2001. It is an employee-owned Florida corporation headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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