Energize! Classic Remixes, Vol. 1

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Energize! Classic Remixes, Vol. 1
Information Society Energize.png
Remix album by Information Society
Released December 4, 2011
Genre Synthpop
Label Hakatak
Information Society chronology
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Energize! Classic Remixes, Vol. 1 is a remix compilation album by the synthpop band Information Society.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Going, Going, Gone (Danny Saber Remix)
  2. Back In The Day (Kasino Mix)
  3. Walking Away (Space Age Mix)
  4. I Like The Way You Werk It (Jr. Kain & Arvy Mix)
  5. Lay All Your Love On Me (Justin Strauss Remix)
  6. Growing Up With Shiva (Apocryphon Remix)
  7. Think (Virtual Reality Mix)
  8. Nothing Sacred (Apocryphon Palimpsest)
  9. How Long (Justin Strauss Remix)
  10. Baby Just Wants (Wesley Krusher Ghost Girl Remix)
  11. Peace & Love, Inc. (Disco Mosh Pit Mix)
  12. The Swamp

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